Todd Pierce

Brisbane, Australia
Certified trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and TLT.
Qualified personal trainer.
Founder at iRecruit, Alpha Omega Performance
A short stint as a personal trainer when I was 18 which led to basic labouring jobs to make some consistent money.
Fell into door to door sales and started a sales and marketing company with setups around Australia.
Got heavily obsessed with human behaviour and neuroscience which led me into coaching and consulting.
Today I am the Co Founder of the disruptive recruitment platform, iRecruit, which is transforming how employers and job seekers connect, and giving businesses the power to get the right people, at the right time.
iRecruit Australia
Alpha Omega Performance (
Recruitment | Cognitive psychology | Business growth | NLP | Neuroscience | Disruptive innovation | Marketing & advertising
I'm driven by the need to create and grow.
I am absolutely intrigued and hooked by human behaviour and social dynamics - the why of behaviour has been something of interest for some years now.
I am very interested in Australian techs future.
I am a self-taught business person that has come from rough beginnings.

I have made millions and lost a lot too, and with each fall I acquired learnings that paved the path I now walk.

I've been a chef, a labourer, a personal trainer, a door to door sales person, a coach, a therapist and now I am a startup founder who is just wrapping up rounds of funding.

Having been burnt in business transactions, almost losing everything and having no resources or help to change things, taught me a lot about myself and how to get out bad circumstances.

I became obsessed with human behaviour and how to change quickly when I was 20 and began studying psychology, NLP, hypnosis, neuroscience and anything that could help me understand myself and others better.

During that time, I had been doing door to door sales - learning these skills also increased my effectiveness dramatically.

I grew bored of doing that work and started a coaching and training business - I ran trainings for businesses in performance and sales, and also did coaching with people going through tough spots. (Things ranging from anxiety and depression to addictions)

One day somebody I used to work with turned up on my door step (You can take the man out of door knocking but you can't take the door knocking out of the man!), and he asked me if I wanted to start a sales and marketing company.

Fast forward 12 months and I had people working for me all around Australia, with multiple offices and we were making very good money.

Lessons upon lessons...

A lot of lessons learned in the years that followed, about myself, business, other people and also about recruitment - I was getting hundreds of applications per week and doing interviews and trainings constantly.

I have used most platforms out there to find the right staff, I've done in-house recruitment, outsourced and combos - I noticed a big problem.

This is what lead to the creation of iRecruit and from 2014 to now I have been developing and building it with my business partner.

I built it to solve the big issues I was encountering and also the issues that people I chatted to were encountering too - the right person at the right time.

Where I stand today is a result of monstrous learnings and massive action which is why I am also so passionate about helping people and being of assistance where I can.

When you've been at rock bottom without a rope to grab onto or a light to guide your way, you learn to appreciate the things your have and the gifts you were given... You learn life is about more than just what you can get, it is about what you can give and who you are.

I still do consulting and coaching; this is how I got involved in the startup space.

My baby, iRecruit, is an online platform that creates instant matches between job seekers and employers, eliminating the noise and wrong fits and matching based who people are, not only what they can do.

This is a 'brief' version of my story, there's plenty more but other stuff can be told another day.
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