Victoria Coster

Cert IV in Mortgage Broking
Year 12 HSC

CEO | Credit Repair Specialist
10 years in finance
4 years in credit repair
Finalist in WSABE for excellence in small business
Business start up expert
Business owner
Career mum
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Twitter: @CreditFixOz
Instagram: @CreditFixOz
#1 Trusted Authority in Credit Repair

Helping people understand their credit reports, their credit score and the credit reporting system.
Very experienced in relation to removing defaults and court actions from individual and company credit reports and also negotiating debts.
Expert in helping Australians clear bad debt.
Experienced in small business management. Finalist in WSABE for excellence in small business.
- Audio engineering assistant at Love Hurtz Studios on Fridays (due to my love of music I completed a Diploma in sound engineering in 2013).
- Being a great, hands on parent (I have a 9 year old and I'm a single mum)
- Fitness
Born in 1979, I was raised in England and moved over to Australia in 1996 with my mother, step-father and two younger brothers.
I started working when I was 16, in offices and also in customer service, learning the ropes of business administration early on.
In 2002 I started working in the finance industry, and worked for a mortgage manager, and by the time I was 25 I had a DLA of $1,000,000 in mortgages.
Then at 27, I had my son Nikolai and my marriage fell apart. I ended up living with family and was left penniless by my husband.
To try to get myself back on my feet, I started my own mortgage broking business in 2008. The GFC hit and I struggled to run it. I saw people struggling with debt everywhere.
So I got a job in credit repair. I could see the need for good credit repair in Australia.
Most credit repair companies are charging up-front non-refundable fees.
So, I quit my job for the company I worked for and started my own credit repair company in 2013, and now we are fast becoming Australia's #1 trusted authority in credit repair.
I have a team of 3 staff who help me run client files and over 2,000 mortgage brokers referring to us.
Credit Fix Solutions has become a fantastic business, and I'm very proud of how far I've managed to come. I would like Credit Fix Solutions to be around long after I retire and we are very proud of our no win no fee concept that I introduced in 2013.
I am passionate and empathetic about people's credit situations and more than happy to help anyone who genuinely needs our help.
Therefore I would love to be able to help media in being a source for information regarding credit reports, current economic conditions and their effect on our credit reports, and any general information people may nee to protect their credit score and understand the credit reporting system.
I am currently working with my first school in educating school leavers about the importance of their credit report as well which is very rewarding.
I am also a World Vision sponsor and currently sponsor 10 children.
My vision is to be the leading credit repair company in Australia, and be able to travel to see my World Vision children and help them in their communities, trying to stop children from being hungry all over the world.

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